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Cabinet Tips

Another leg leveler fix
Another method for removing rusted leg levelers
Bolt head polishing
Buying leg bolts
Cabinet Side Rails
Cabinet speckle coat
Cleaning Cabinet Side Art
Cleaning glass dirt that doesn't come off with glass cleaner
Cleaning metal parts
Cleaning out main cabinet
Cleaning playfield glass
Color matching comparisons
Color mixing guide
Don't forget coin door lights
Essential Socket Wrench
Gottlieb leg styles
Key safety
Keys and locks
Leg Bolt Fix
Leg bolt mounting plate quick and temporary fix
Leg bolt mounting plates
Leg bolt overtightening
Leg bolt sizes
Leg bolts when moving
Leg levelers
Lockdown bar latch won't move
Lock removal
Lock without a key
Lost head key
Lost head key on newer Williams/Bally
Lost Key/Lock Removal
Many uses for weather stripping
Matching cabinet paint colors
New leg levelers
Opening a machine
Playfield glass replacement
Playfield pitch indicators
Polishing chrome parts
Preventing lost cabinet keys
Refinishing gold pinball legs with oven cleaner
Removing cabinet paint while preserving original cabinet graphics
Removing latex paint from repainted cabinet
Removing rusted leg levelers
Removing sticky tape residue
Repainting cabinet basecoat
Restoring metal legs
Sticky Playfield Glass
Stripped Leg Bolt Plates
Tightening playfield glass lockdown bar
Touch up
Use a Shop-Vac
Viewing original artwork through layers of paint
Where did this screw come from?

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