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1972 Gottlieb single-player start up sequence (Flying Carpet 03-72)
1973 Gottlieb 4-player start up sequence (Jack in the Box 05-73)
1974 Gottlieb 4-player start up sequence (Magnotron 08-74)
1975 Gottlieb 2-player start up sequence (Out of Sight 01-75)
1975 Gottlieb 4-player start up sequence (Super Soccer 03-75)
1975 Gottlieb single-player start up sequence (Atlantis 01-75)
1976 Gottlieb 4-player start up sequence (Royal Flush 04-76)
1976 Gottlieb 4-player start up sequence (Spirit of 76 03-76)
1976 Gottlieb 4-player start up sequence (Surf Champ 10-76)
1976 Gottlieb 4-player start up sequence (Target Alpha 11-76)
1977 Gottlieb 2-player start up sequence (Mustang 05-77)
1977 Gottlieb single-player start up sequence (Bit Hit 06-77)
1977 Gottlieb single-player start up sequence (Centigrade 37 08-77)
Adjusting blade switch contacts
Adjusting contacts
Aligning the 0-9 discs and wipers on an EM Gottlieb 'AS' relay
Bad Bulbs can cause a short
Bally bingo constantly tilts
Bally electromechanical fuse holders
Bally EM will not start and has no lights
Bally old-to-new coil numbers cross reference
Bizarre behavior on machines with large relay banks
Blade switch quick repair
Burned LOCK relay
Changing AC flippers to DC flippers
Check those chimes
Chime rubbering
Cleaning Catlin backglass animation balls
Cleaning light sockets
Cleaning score reels
Cleaning soot from EM score reels and plastics
Clean score and pop bumper relays
Cloth vs plastic insulated wires
Diodes use on coils
Don't plan to fix yourself
Don't use an emery board to clean switch contacts
Drop targets on Capt. Fantastic
Easy way to go through a machine completely
Electromechanical AC flippers buzzing loudly
EM liberal vs conservative options
EM machine lights but does not start
EM machines won't count balls
EM silent scoring ones or tens
EM sticky wiper unit
Extending scoring reel life
Extra bonus during countdown
Fix them mechanical bells
Flashing lights
Flipper bushings
Game goes to game over too soon, or never leaves game over
Gottlieb drop target and sequence bank reset
Gottlieb em match problems
How to play when the baby is asleep
Inexpensive chime solenoid plunger nylon shaft replacement
Keep scoring
Knocker doesn't work on Williams em
Loose contact points
Loud buzzing noises
Machine grounding
Make knocker louder
Match lights do not work on EM
More extra balls
Most commonly broken EM solder joint
Motor care and repair
My electromechanical doesn't award a credit for a match
Mysterious general illumination blown fuse, or machine resets during game
Never lubricate solenoids
Novel contact cleaning method
Old EMs without on/off switches should not be left plugged in
Other excellent on-line pinball repair guide
Pitch and bat game has weak or non-functioning bat
Reading EM schematics
Re-inking flipper lettering
Repair of white scoring reel mask
Residual magnetism
Restoring Rusted Stepper Plungers
Save your paperwork
Score motor cam removal
Score motor problems
Scoring reel or drum unit cleaning and maintenance
Scoring reels spin past zero when resetting
Selenium rectifiers on old games
Setting up free game
Setting up free games on EM--Another technique
Setting up free play on electromechanical machines
Shocking Gottlieb flipper buttons
Spray contact cleaner is evil
Sticky sluggish Williams stepping unit
Sticky solenoids
Testing relay coils made quick and easy
Testing solenoids on EMs
Tighten bakelite switch spacers
Touch up EM scoring reels
Tracking down a shorted circuit
Transformer HIGH vs LOW tap
Weak chimes
Weak EM flippers
Williams two coins per play
WMS electromechanical credit unit stuck on 13 and it won't start
WMS electromechanical replay knocker not firing
Working on the inside of an EM
Worn metal sleeve can't be removed from solenoid coil
Worn outhole on Gottlieb EMs prevents smooth ball delivery to plunger
Zaccaria EM Coil identification

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