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Playfield Tips

A better way to fix stripped playfield screw holes!
A bucket of sand
Adjust flipper tension spring with cotter pin
Adjustment of the Flipper End Of Stroke Switch (EOS)
Another handy restoration tool
A worn flipper link can burn out your coil
Ball Feed Problems with WMS Opto Trough
Ball hits glass too much
Ball removal
Bally drop targets resetting too high
Bally solid state standup targets sometimes fail to score
Best use of mylar
Bolt head polishing
Bringing an old oxidized playfield back to life.
Broken ball plunger spring
Bulb removal
Bumper cap keeps coming off
Burnish switch contacts
Cap nuts on playfield plastics
Changing AC flippers to DC flippers
Cheap Glass Cleaner
Check all flipper plungers for mushrooming to prevent solenoid burn out
Clean-cut slingshot mylars
Cleaning enclosed areas
cleaning hard to reach spots on playfield
Cleaning metal and plastic parts easily
Cleaning metal ball guides
Cleaning metal parts
Cleaning metal parts
Cleaning nylon acorn nuts
Cleaning playfield metal easily
Cleaning playfield posts and other parts
Cleaning playfield rails
Cleaning playfield rubber rings
Cleaning playfields including Diamond Plate
Cleaning Prior To Clearcoating A Playfield
Cleaning rubber rings
Clean solenoids
Clean your playfield completely
Color matching comparisons
Color mixing guide
Common Gottlieb flipper problem
Determining rubber ring sizes
Dim lamps
Do not overtighten lock nuts
Do not use playfield prop sticks
Doubled rubber rings
Dress up your Gottlieb or Bally with new white posts
Drop target decal preservation
Drop target painting
Easy access to under playfield components
Easy flipper alignment
Eject holes eject too strong
Electromechanical AC flippers buzzing loudly
Emergency flipper rubber repair
Emergency rubber repair
Emergency rubber ring cleaner
Faster game
Finding pinball balls locally for your machine
Fixing (and preventing) broken ramp entrances and diverter problems
Fixing slipping belts
Fixing Stripped Screw Holes On Playfield
Flattening warped plastics
Flattening warped plastics slowly
Flipper bushings
Flipper causes points to score
Flipper causes reset or game over
Flipper chatter
Fractured Plastics?
Gluing flat playfield plastics
Gottlieb roto-target restoration
Gottlieb rubber part numbers
Gottlieb speed nut application
Inside cabinet protection.
Keep cabinet mechanics clean while restoring playfield
Keep from stripping hole threads
Keeping playfield clean longer
Keep old bumper caps from rotating
Lazy Data East/Sega/Stern pop bumpers
Long lasting lamps
Making mylar more invisible
Making replacement one-way gates using ski lift ticket wire
Mixing epoxy
My game keeps resetting the drop targets and clicking at the outhole
Mylar thickness
My machine kicks out two balls to the ball shooter
New bumper caps
No more toothpicks
Other excellent on-line pinball repair guide
Outlanes too wide
Overheating lamp cause
Pitch and bat game has weak or non-functioning bat
Playfield angle
Playfield changeover
Playfield changeover labels help
playfield cleaning
Playfield Illumination Options
Playfield insert touchup
Playfield lights and inserts
Playfield painting
Playfield post liberal vs conservative positions
Playfield post modification STOPS several problems FOREVER--stuck ball, burned coil/transistor, etc.
Playfield Preservation
Playfield restoration
Playfield shipping box
Plunger repair
Polish balls in a rock tumbler
Pop bumper ring
Poslishing playfield posts
Preventing mylar from lifting over playfield inserts
Protect hard to reach areas
Protecting playfield around pop bumpers
Protecting score and instruction cards
Protecting Theatre of Magic magic trunk sticker
Protecting Twilight Zone Magna-Flip sign
Quick fix to stripped screw holes
Realigning misaligned flippers
Re-inking flipper lettering
Relettering playfield
Removing all playfield pieces
Removing dark half-circles from playfield
Removing flipper rubber residue
Removing flipper rubber stains
Removing mylar from playfield
Removing playfield inserts
Removing playfield mylar
Removing sticky tape residue
Repairing plastics
Repairing rollover buttons
Replace playfield screws with bolts
Replacing a playfield insert
Replacing Bally mushroom bumper rubber rings
Replacing one way gate wires
Restoring playfield insert labels
Restoring playfield plastics shine
Restoring scratched plastic
Reusing stickers
Rubber Cleaner
Rubber parts substitute
Rubber ring sizing
Safely remove playfield inserts
Save your old toothbrush
Shooter tip removal
Shortage of bulbs
Socket screwdriver
Standup target foam replacement
Sticking pop bumpers
Sticky coils can be a bad coil stop
Stop those loose screws!
Straightening a warped playfield
Stripping playfield wax
Stripping playfield wax and shellac
Stronger Gottlieb flipper coils
Substitutes for Novus
Tip to help avoid damage to the playfield
Tool for cleaning drop target faces
Touching up plastic parts and playfields with markers
Use cooler lamps
Use E-clips on plunger
Warped inserts
Warped Playfield Plastic fix.
Waxing/cleaning playfield
Weak EM flippers
Where did this screw come from?
Williams 60s and 70s flipper jumpers
Williams solid state flipper coil relative strengths
Wire ties rule (when cardboard doesn't work)
Worn balls kill playfields

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