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Solid State Tips

Adjusting blade switch contacts
AM radio = tool
An Alternate Crimp Pin Removal Tool
Bad solder joints on circuit boards
Ball Feed Problems with WMS Opto Trough
Bally 6800 weak solenoids
Bally early solid state MPU LED blinks 5 times
Bally early solid state MPU LED doesn't blink or just stays on
Bally general illumination connectors
Bally Solenoid Driver/Voltage Regulator Board Test Points
Bally solid state standup targets sometimes fail to score
Bally solid state weak solenoids
Bally SS Molex connectors check
Battery-damage can travel along wire harness
Battery-damage seems eternal
Blow the boards
Brightening dim Gottlieb displays
Brighten up the playfield lights on Hercules and Superman
Capacitor resurrection
Changing batteries
Changing battery without losing settings
Cheap PCB removal tool
Cleaning solid state gold contacts
Cleaning solid state switches
Connector testing problem
Dealing with overheating connectors on early Bally games
Debugging intermittent problems
Diode replacement and substitution
Diodes use on coils
Display break in
Displays don't work
Dot matrix display broken lead repair
Early Bally solid state battery type for replacement
Early solid-state Williams bridge rectifiers
Emergency driver board transistors
Fixing intermittent, heated up, optocouplers (Solid state switches used on TZ clock and flippers)
Fixing slipping belts
FREE circuit board removal tool
Free play on older SS games
Funhouse general illumination blown fuse problem
Fuses can save your components or fry them
General Illumination failures
General illumination not working entirely
Gold plated contacts
Gottlieb electronics
Gottlieb SS System 80 does not start
Gottlieb SS will not start
Gottlieb System 1 freezes and has all the coils pull in
Gottlieb System 1 main problem
Gottlieb System 1 power supply problem
Gottlieb System 80 bumper problem
Ground yourself, but don't get killed
Help identifying off-board connectors
IC mounting--cleaning mount holes
IC socket poor connection fix
IC socket removal
IC sockets
Identifying resistors
Improving Williams Flipper Action
Infra-red LED (optos) testing
Installing a headphone jack
Intermittent failures can be due to floating ground
Intermittent Monopoly switch problems
Lights dim when solenoid fires
Loose IC sockets
Lost PCB connector key plugs
Main line fuse blows immediately
Majority of solid state problems
Minimizing bad displays
More Dot Matrix Display Repair Info
My Bally MPU LED glows dim and the game doesn't start
Other excellent on-line pinball repair guide
PCB pass thru and foil repair
Power surge damage
Preventing translites from adhering to glass
Protect your CPU from leaking batteries
Quick check for gas plasma displays
Remove batteries before storing
Removing Circuit Boards Without Removal Tool
Removing Head On Modern Machines
Removing PCB components for replacement
Resetting high scores
Sending boards out for repair
Setting games since Twilight Zone to a quarter per play
Setting up free play on solid state machines
Software bugs can appear to be a hardware failure
Solder removal
Solid state test bed machines
Substituting for gold switch contact points
Temperature safe operating range
Testing Bally solid state solenoids
Testing gas plasma displays and boards technique
THE Solution to Bally MPU Corrosion
Transporting static sensitive components
Turn off solid state games while repairing
Use cooler lamps
Use only quality sockets
Using AA batteries in Bally solid state pinballs
Williams CPU Board Revision Level 6 Test Points
Williams CPU Board Revision Level 7 Test Points
Williams early SS drop target problem
Williams G.I. Problems
Williams solid state displays a funny number and won't start
Williams solid state flipper coil relative strengths
Williams sound problems
Williams SS displays fade on and off
Williams SS driver board power resistors
Williams stuck in audit mode
Williams System 7 CPU Board self test
WMS Opto Ball Trough Problems

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